One, two, three. Done !

1.   Choose a sample video.

2.  Choose some sample music.

3.  Send us your pictures.

              DONE !


1.  Choose  a sample video.

If you want to keep the memories of your favourite pet alive with a slideshow, we will need about 15-30 pictures (in jpeg or png format) depending on the film you choose. The exact number of images can be seen in the "sample slideshows".

USD 106.00 / 97.00 €  (March, 2022)

2.  Choose a sample music.

You can find suitable background music free of charge under "sample music", for example.

Please note that, based on copyright laws, we are not allowed to use any other music than the compositions from the list we have displayed or any music you have bought the rights of, from a platform such as "", for example.

3.  Send us  your photos (and film sequences).

Once you have chosen a film and the music, go to the "Webshop". Here you can select the sample film and the music you have chosen.

Then send us your pictures by e-mail, numerated in the order you want them displayed.

Please send us texts you want to place onto your slides with instructions as where to put them via contact the contact form or email on our contact page.

Film scenes can also be implemented (cf. sample video "Mambo" oder "Lenny").

One-time change requests regarding the sequence of slides are included in the price. 

Your personal films, published on our server, are available to you for 25 years. For a small surcharge, we can make your film available online for another year.

If you want more privacy, we will not upload your tribute video, but send it to you on a USB memory stick (see webshop).

We guarantee a 10-year storage period for photo film productions purchased on USB sticks.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our e-mail or our contact form.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

Olivier Schwander & Daniela Angst